Text Box: Federal and State Permits
Federici & Akin P.A. staff have been involved in obtaining federal and state permits for various projects, below is a brief listing of some of the permits:
Project Description
FAA Permits
FAA permits required for construction of several elevated water storage tanks for both Monroe MUA and Washington Township MUA, Helicopter Landing Facilities
Plan Certification and Compliance
US Army Corps of Engineers
NJDEP Permits for Dam Repairs
Stream Encroachment (Flood Plain Delineation, Net Fill, Discharge, and Culvert replacement)
Wetlands (LOI, Buffer Averaging, General Fill,)
Pinelands Public Development Certification
Water Supply (Municipal and Private Production Wells)
Water Distribution Systems (Sizing and Configuration)
Water Treatment (Chemical Conditioning)
Water Storage (Sizing, Design and Location)
Spill Fund Compensation (Water treatment funding)
Waterfront Development (Water Quality Discharge) & CAFRA
UST Closure and Remediation (Removal and Replacement of Underground Storage Tanks)
NJDOT Trust Fund (Road Improvements)
NJDOT Major Access Permits
NJDOT Aviation (Helicopter Land, Water Towers)
NJDOT Road (Access, Utility Opening, Occupancy, etc.)