Text Box: Joseph P. Federici, Jr., P.E., P.P.                              President

Joseph P. Federici, Jr. is a registered Professional Engineer (License No. 27055) and Professional Planner (License No. 2915) in the State of New Jersey.  Entering the civil engineering field in 1976, Mr. Federici has specialized his practice in land development and municipal engineering. Mr. Federici has served as the Municipal Utilities Authority Engineer for Monroe Township from 1985 to present, Borough Engineer for the Borough of Mount Ephraim from 1991 to 2003, Planning Board Engineer for Washington Township from 1995 to 2000 and Authority Engineer for Washington Township Municipal Utilities Authority from 1983 to 1989 and 2001 to present.  Mr. Federici is also the Consulting Engineer at the Deptford Municipal Utilities Authority and Mantua Township Planning Board Engineer.

Douglas E. Akin, P.L.S., P.P.                                    Vice President
Douglas E. Akin is a registered Professional Land Surveyor (License No. 26385) and Professional Planner (License No. 2574) in the State of New Jersey.  Mr. Akin has specialized in land development, surveying and planning since 1974. Mr. Akin has served in all phases of land surveying, such as topographical surveys, outbound surveys, construction stakeouts, public works projects, geodetic surveys, and title surveys. Mr. Akin has practiced numerous duties as a Professional Planner such as appearing before municipal and county Boards, representing clients as an expert witness and serves as a Boundary Line Commissioner for the Superior Court in Woodbury, New Jersey. Additionally, Mr. Akin has coordinated and managed numerous engineering projects.

Bret T. Yates                                                              Environmental Scientist / Director of Marketing
Mr. Yates is an Environmental Scientist responsible for all environmental issues including NJDEP and NJ Pinelands Permitting, wetlands delineation, soils explorations, OSHA regulations, UST Permitting and Closures, Lead Abatement procedures, etc.
Theodore Wilkinson, P.E.                                          Project Manager
Theodore Wilkinson, P.E., serves as Project Manager and Engineer for highway, infrastructure and utility projects.  Mr. Wilkinson has gained over seventeen (17) years of experience in performing municipal, utility and transportation engineering services for over ten (10) municipalities and counties in South Jersey.  His duties include overall coordination of highway and traffic signal projects, design of infrastructures, transportation and highway, water and sewer, storm drainage, etc. 

Mr. Wilkinson has previously acted as municipal engineer in Harrison and East Greenwich, Gloucester County, in responsible charge of the municipal engineering, planning and zoning board engineer, etc.  

Mr. Wilkinson has designed and managed numerous public infrastructure projects, such as the beautification and widening of North Carolina, Virginia, and Maryland Avenues for the Casino Reinvestment Development Authority (CRDA) and the Atlantic City Service Area Site Improvements and new ramps on the Garden State Parkway, MP 41.0 for the New Jersey Highway Authority.  His design experience also includes the widening and signalization of seven (7) miles of Berlin-Cross Keys Road (CR 689), in Camden County, New Jersey, as depicted on the cover of this document.

James A. Spratt. P.E.                                                 Project Manager
James A. Spratt is a Professional Engineer with extensive experience in flood plain analysis, surface water hydrology, wetlands delineation, storm water drainage system analysis and design, storm water detention/retention system design, and design of drainage structures.  Well-versed in soil erosion and sediment control analysis and design.  Experience in project management, supervision of engineering personnel, preparation of engineering plans, specifications writing and preparation of reports.  Liaison between client and regulatory agencies.  Also experienced in sanitary sewer design, preparation of engineering reports, and permit acquisition.  Responsibilities have included development of subdivision and site plans, water distribution system & roadway design, and analysis and design of sewer pumping stations. 

Jon Bryson, P.E.                                                        Project Manager
Jon Bryson is a Professional Engineer with extensive experience in surface water hydrology,  storm water drainage system analysis and design, storm water detention/retention system design, and design of drainage structures.  Experience in project management, preparation of engineering plans, specifications writing and preparation of reports.  Mr. Brysons expertise included full design management of site development projects, and the engineering of municipal buildings, parks, recreation fields, etc.  Mr. Bryson has extensive knowledge of numerous ordinances within the Gloucester County area, along with practical experience in the interpretation of the Municipal Land Use Law and Local Public Contracts Law.

George E. Hann, Jr. P.E.                                           Project Engineer
Mr. Hann is an integral part of this firm since he is responsible for the overall coordination and management of County and Municipal Infrastructure Projects in the field of Culvert Structures, Hydraulics, Wastewater Collection & Treatment and Potable Water Distribution, Storage & Treatment.  He is presently the Project Engineer for all Municipal Water & Sewer Projects for the MUA Departments of Monroe & Deptford Townships in Gloucester County.  Mr. Hann, Jr. has over 12 years of experience as a design project manager in the fields of hydraulics, structures and storm drainage facilities.  Mr. Hann brings a vast amount of practical experience in developing the most efficient and feasible culvert and drainage designs, while complying with any applicable standards set forth by the NJDEP Land Use Regulation.  Mr. Hann is well versed in the development of culvert designs and hydraulic calculations using current HEC-RAS II Computer Software or any other later versions released.

Edward F. Kuhn, P.L.S.                                             Surveyor
        Edward F. Kuhn, Jr. is a registered Professional Land Surveyor (NJ License No. 37198) in the State of New Jersey.  He has been affiliated with Federici & Akin, P.A. since the firm's inception in 1981, joining the company in 1987. His experience includes a variety of land surveying services such as boundary and topographic surveys, subdivision surveys, utility layout, aerial surveys, etc.  
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