Project Name                                        Client                                                    Year
Water & Sewer Rehabilitation                      Washington Township M.U.A.,              2001-Present
Greenwood Drive & Shady Lane                  Gloucester County, NJ
Design of 2600 l.f. of utility replacement 

Wilson Road Sanitary Sewer Sub-area          Washington Township M.U.A.               2001-Present
Consolidation Design  - Elimination of            Gloucester County, NJ
three (3) sewage pump stations & 3000 lf
sanitary sewer and force main extensions  
3 Million Gallon Elevated Steel                     Washington Township,                           1997
Water Storage Tank                                    Gloucester County, NJ
Storage tank, main extensions,
drainage and overflow facilities
Radium Treatment Plant for Wells 10,          Washington Township,                           1996
11, 19 & 28                                                 Gloucester County, NJ
Design, permitting, and construction 
Management, Design of new process
To eliminate discharge to sewer system
Fish Pond Road Regional Sewage                Washington Township,                           1995
Pumping Station  Design of new facility      Gloucester County, NJ
Pump Station No. 901  Equalization Tank    Monroe Township M.U.A.                     2002
Electric & Pump Upgrades                          Gloucester County, NJ
Design, permitting & Administration
Elevated Steel Water                                   Monroe Township,                                1998
Storage Tank Repainting                              Gloucester County, NJ
Specifications and inspection of repainting.
Sewer & Water System Evaluation              Washington Township,                           1995
Analysis and master planning for                  Gloucester County, NJ
Township wide sewer and water system.
Sewer & Water System Evaluation              Monroe Township,                                 1996
Analysis and master planning for                  Gloucester County, NJ
Township wide sewer and water system.
Potable Well No. 16 Air Stripper Installation 
Air Stripper Design, permitting & funding      Washington Twp. MUA                         2002
Through NJDEP Spill Fund Act                    Gloucester County, NJ